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Susanna Vindej

My journey

I was born and raised in Sweden on the tiny island,  Gotland. I moved to the mainland, Skåne in 1989 when I was 23 years old. A few years after I moved I went to school as a Healer & Regression Therapist. Other training courses I have attended are Homeopathy, swedish massage, Ayurvediskmassage, Energy massage, and I have also have courses in Sami shamanism and sacred ceremonies. 

My journey through life has been like many others, a bumpy ride. One thing I discovered is that if you follow the heart, you end up right. Although I always had my gift as a medium  I did not take the big step into my spiritual journey bferore '97 when after a long illness I became willing to take responsibility for my personal healing. I healed myself and it became my work.

My spiritual work

Spirituality is a part of my life and without that piece I would not have been able to be whole and balanced. There are various ways to go about contacting your spiritual side and all should choose what feels good for them. If you choose to try a healing session from a distance you do not have to be a believer in any way. This has nothing to do with religion. The only thing needed is an open mind and a desire to be whole and balanced. 

I only work at a distance now after working for 20 years in my practice. If you want to book Healing or channeling you are welcome to write to me. In my healing work I use myself as a channel and the energy conveyed. The healing comes from a higher source, and universal spirits always help at all sessions. At a channeling I channel the spirits. 



Drum travel

You travel with the drum to meet your Fyglia, your spirit animal. Lying down comfortably and relax while the drum drums will take you to other worlds. Drum travel is a form of deep relaxation. The drum puts you in a trance-like state. You travel to meet your spiritual animal and receive messages from the spirit world that will guide your path in life.

The Sacred Pyramid Valley

In 2016, Visoko - The Sacred Pyramid Valley was calling me. I have channeled and received messages from The Sacred Valley containing the Pyramids and in the tunnels. The healing energy there is strong. I have taken aura photography before I visited Visoko and one aura photography after (see below in the gallery). It shows the great development of my spiritual side, but also that the visit has had a positive effect for me on the physical and mental level. My aura is larger, brighter and I'm full of energy

Healing Session

Distance Healing - Price 50:-EUR

Distanse Healing works as well as a hands on healing session does. We seta time, about 45 minutes, where you lie down and rest, and I send remotely. You open up and take in the gentle and your thoughts. It is individual what one experiences during a healing session and it's always exciting afterwards to hear about the experience. Some feel a heat, or a tingling in body parts. Some hear things and see images, colors or get a sense of floating. It happens that knots to things that have been problems in the past dissolves. Insights and messages from guides may come. I write to you afterwards, just like what has come up during the session. What I saw and experienced, how the balance is in your energy system.

Spiritual Channeling

Automatic Writing - Price 70:- EUR

Automatic Writing is when I get in touch with your guide and your guide then conveys messages to you through me. I write and you get the text exactly as it is written. When a guide conveys through me, it is usually messages to be able to help you in any plan to increase your energy, for you to go the right path in life.

Past life reading Price 70:- EUR

I will contact the spiritworld that helps me to see your past life. Most often it comes through 2-4 past lifes in a reading. I talk about life, and also about possible influences you have to go through. It can be positive influences that you can affirm and develop. It can be negative as well. Though, finding out it can start the healing.

Spiritual Guide & Reading 70:- EUR

Many people go through a major energy shift in our time and energies are raised. When you feel you want to take steps you look consciously or unconsciously your Spiritual Guide for guidance. I channel your guide and the message, then I read your chakras and your aura. You get info on chakras and aura and an exercise to help you open up spiritually for balance.

Online Courses in Spiritual Studies
Open your intuition and stimulate your sixth sense with one of our online courses. Learn how to tap into your intuitive abilities. Taking self-paced courses at home is so easy. You won’t have the hassle of finding parking, hiring babysitters and rearanging your schedule. There is no special software or hardware is required, and I'm just an email away if youhave questions.

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